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After growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I moved to L.A. in my twenties to pursue screenwriting. Having never been a fan of sunlight or going out, I spent my time there working nights, sleeping during the day, and mostly ignoring everything big cities have to offer. When I realized that if I wrote novels I could live in a place that had seasons, I moved back to Oregon. I like it here, but the increasingly long summers are starting to make me think of heading further north.

I think I might actually be a vampire.

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That time I saw Jason Isaacs at a Star Trek convention, sixteen years before he was ever on Star Trek

Nov 9, 2017 | No Comments

I really like Jason Isaacs as an actor. He’s done some great shows/movies. He makes a good villain, sure, but I like him better as a hero. (To be fair, I like pretty much all actors better as heroes. If I like them, I prefer to be able to sympathize with them.) I really enjoyed […]


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