About Me

Unlike some writers, I didn’t really realize I was a writer until late in high school. My original interest was in screenwriting, but after moving to L.A. for a while in my twenties, I decided to become a novelist instead and moved back to Oregon. My first novel series, Blood of Graces, began back in college as a terrible screenplay. I’ve always been a fan of vampires, from Bunnicula to Forever Knight to Buffy to Twilight and beyond. So of course the first major story I tried to write had to be a vampire story. As a very young writer in college, my first attempt was not good. So, I saved the idea and came back to it after I’d developed my skills. After even more re-configuring and rewriting, Silver Sight (book one of the series) was finished. Blood of Graces is currently planned as a 5-book series, but I’ve got a lot of ideas for spin-offs as well.

So, what do I write? Some authors have easy answers for this. They write all paranormal romance where Strong Female Protagonist meets Alpha Male Hero, sparks fly, and they end up kicking ass and falling in love. Some write action fantasy where hot chicks and burly dudes shoot monsters and blow stuff up. Some authors write Amish romance. And that’s good for them. Unfortunately, what I write doesn’t tend to fit so neatly into genre boxes. But what I write is this:

I write about unusual characters, unusual situations, and unusual relationships. Pretty much all of my stories have at least one of those, maybe two, but probably not all three at once. A vampire working in a coffee shop; a couple of average American twenty-somethings entering into a marriage of convenience; a girl finding out her perfectly normal dad slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people that one time . . . You get the idea. That’s why most of what I write is fantasy (it’s very easy to get unusual characters and situations in fantasy), but not all of it is.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, a little bit odd, with awkward moments and snarky humor and adorkable characters who are sometimes sexy (and sexy characters who are sometimes adorkable), stories where times may get very dark indeed but only because that happy ending has to be earned . . . then I hope you’ll try out my stories.

Thank you for visiting my site. 🙂