That time I saw Jason Isaacs at a Star Trek convention, sixteen years before he was ever on Star Trek

I don’t seem to be doing terribly well at keeping this blog writing-related. But there is a very loose writing connection to this topic. Very loose. Like, one that exists only in my head. I’ve mentally “cast” most of the main characters in the Graces series I’m writing (still working on book 2 now), and […]

An allegory about credit scores

“Hi there, come in! Thanks for applying to house-sit for us. Please take a seat. I’ve looked over your application, and almost everything looks good.” “Almost?” “We’ve talked to people you’ve house-sit for in the past, and they all have great things to say about you. Looks like you always keep everything clean, don’t eat […]

Why Do Books Need Relatable Characters?

I’ve noticed a trend—and this is hardly a shocking insight—that the publishing industry likes to put readers into boxes. “If you are X” (where X is any given age group, gender, ethnicity, or whatever other superficial classification they feel like putting you in) “then you must like to read Y.” Publishing is certainly not the […]