Standalone Short Works

Rating: tweens and up
Length: ~10,600 words / ~37 pages
Two of the biggest, strongest members of the Royal Order—an elite caste of warriors—are sent to rescue a princess. Right after their arranged marriage to each other.

A Common Life
Rating: all ages
Length: ~7,000 words / ~27 pages
Prince Monrose only wants two things: to not be a prince and to marry a farmer’s daughter. Along with his disapproving bodyguard, Cassan, he must find a way to convince his reluctant mother—and also vanquish the vampire that’s killing his would-be father-in-law.

Coming Later:

Private Eyes
urban fantasy
Rating: teens and up
A man’s corpse is found in a hotel room: bloody, naked, and wearing a dog collar. To the police, the murder is a mystery. To private detectives Paul Watercross and Vincent Chen, the real mystery is why a werewolf ever set foot in a city owned by vampires.