Site update coming … at some point

I’ve decided my website needs an overhaul. And a new theme, I think. So I’ll probably do that around the time I publish my first novel-length work. I’m thinking it may be a short novel, but we’ll see.

In the mean time, I’ve finished the draft of the second book in my Blood of Graces series. I say ‘draft’ because I don’t really do rewrites. I’m planning just a minor editing pass, filling in a few gaps that I intentionally left because I don’t yet know what to fill them with, a proofreading pass, and having a beta reader do a proof pass. But that’s all mostly just polishing the first (and only) draft. Part of the beauty of deciding to go indie is that I don’t have to care about how other people may think my book needs to be changed. Especially this series/world, which is more ‘my baby’ than other books I have planned.

I’m planning to complete all five in the series so I can publish them all at once. Because my process seems to involve a fair amount of going back and updating previous books with small tweaks to match what I write later, and I can’t do that as easily after the first books are published. Plus this will be good for binge-readers. 😉

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