Writing update and Overdrive

So I’m kind of excited about this: Draft2Digital, the distributor that I use to get into the non-Amazon stores like Nook and iBooks, now has the ability to get my books into Overdrive as well. Overdrive, in case you don’t know, is what libraries use for e-books and audiobooks. You can download the Overdrive app on your device and use your library to get books that way. So now you can get my books that way too, which I think is pretty neat. Obviously, since all I have out now are short works, I don’t expect to see much movement, but this’ll be even more exciting when I get some novels out.

Speaking of which, a quick writing update. I’m working on book 2 of my contemporary fantasy series, Blood of Graces (to which are connected some of the shorts that I’ve already released). Book 1 is called Silver Sight, and book 2 is called Crimson Tether. I won’t bother saying too much about them for now, since my plan is to write all five books in the series and then release them either together or on a relatively quick schedule.

I may write some standalone, unrelated books in between writing that series so I can get some books out there while I’m working on that series. I’ve got several options, and I’m not sure what I’ll focus on first. Probably a sci-fi story about an android assassin.

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